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  • Brittany Shadrach, RVT
    Director of Technicians and Assistants, Team Manager, Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Brittany was born and raised in Hagerstown, MD. She has been with NorthPaws since opening in December 2017.  From a very young age, she knew that her life would be spent taking care of animals. After graduating from South Hagerstown High School, she graduated from Hagerstown Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Biology. She then completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Veterinary Medical Technology with a concentration in Biology at Wilson College. In 2011, Brittany started working in emergency vet medicine but after 6 years, she switched to day practice to continue learning and advancing her skills. Brittany resides in PA with her significant other, their 7 dogs and 3 cats.

  • Michelle Wilkinson, CVT
    Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Michelle grew up in NJ and moved to CO to attend Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology.  She graduated in 2000.  She has been licensed as a technician since in CO, AZ, PA and MD.  She has been a resident of Waynesboro, PA for 11 years.  She has an interest in client education, behavior, dentistry and exotic animal medicine.  She has a Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier and a Panther Chameleon.  When not at work, she will most likely be found at the ice rink cheering for her son and husband at their hockey games. 

  • Paige Glunt, RVT
    Head Technician, Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Paige Glunt started at North Paws Animal Hospital as a summer intern in 2018 while she was attending Wilson College. Paige has now graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Medical Technology with a minor in Animal Studies. She is excited to work at North Paws as a full time assistant while she studies to sit for her technician license. Paige has three dogs at home named Kaiya, Lana, Ryder and a large tank of goldfish. She has a special interest in exotic veterinary medicine and loves seeing the variety of small animals and birds that our doctors treat. 

  • Kelsey Mayers, CVT
    Licensed Veterinary Technician, Fear-Free Certified Professional

    Kelsey Mayers CVT, is a Certified Veterinary Technician. She graduated from Vet Tech Institute of Pittsburgh in 2011 with an Associate degree in Veterinary Medical Technology. Kelsey has been a practicing Vet Tech since. She and her husband, Ryan, have 3 Corgis named Milly, Josie and Finnegan, as well as a black long-haired cat named Purdy. She enjoys traveling and spending her spare time outdoors camping and hiking with her dogs and husband. 

  • Abby Mowen, CVT
    Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Abby joined NorthPaws in March 2022. She has recently moved back to the area after living in Pittsburgh for a short period of time but she grew up in Greencastle. She attended Vet Tech Institute of Pittsburgh and graduated in 2014 with an Associate degree in Veterinary Medical Technology. She has worked in general practice her whole career. She is a sucker for grey cats and golden retrievers but grew up with boxers so she has a soft spot in her heart for them as well. She currently only has four cats, all grey of course, whose names are Elliott, Scarlet, Arya and Boo.   

  • Stori Boggs, RVT
    Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Stori was first seen at NorthPaws interning the summer after graduating high school in 2018, and again in the summer of 2021 while attending Wilson College, before officially joining the team a year later. She graduated from Wilson in December 2022 with her Bachelor of Science degree in Veterinary Medical Technology with a Business concentration and a minor in Sociology and obtained her license in August 2023. Stori has always had a love for animals and planned on pursuing a career in veterinary medicine, now with a special interest in behavior and exotics. Over the years she has had a wide variety of her own animals including rodents, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and more, many of which were rescues including her best friend, a rambunctious pitbull named Athena.

  • Tonya Grove, RVT
    Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Tonya grew up in Mercersburg, PA where she attended James Buchanan Highschool. She always had a passion for animals and after high school graduation, she completed her Bachelor of Veterinary Medical Technology degree at Wilson College graduating in 2014. After a few years in general practice, she jumped feet-first in emergency veterinary medicine. In her time in ER med, she had the opportunity to expand her skill set and experience a wide variety of cases and after 5 years she was ready to return to general practice bringing all that she had learned along with her. In 2022 Tonya joined our team as our surgery technician. Tonya loves all brachycephalic dogs but has a special place in her heart for French Bulldogs. She also loves Disney and most of her pets have Disney-themed names. When not at work she enjoys leading worship at her church, going to the movies, and spending time with family. She enjoys singing as well as playing the guitar and piano. 

  • Kristin Williams
    Veterinary Assistant

    Kristin started at Northpaws in July 2020. She has worked with cats and dogs for several years and recently with horses. She is happily married with 3 furchildren, an Alaskan Malamute named Nuka Cola Bear, and a Manx cat named Penguin. She also has a new addition, a kitten named Moxxie. She enjoys nature hikes with her dog and also staying home and relaxing with her cats and a cup of tea.

  • Tina Bryan
    Veterinary Assistant

    Tina is a PA native who joined the NorthPaws team in September 2021. For over 15 years, she has enjoyed lending her talents to serve her community in the animal care industry. She has a special appreciation for her feline patients. Her other interests include cooking and fine dining, outdoor adventure, nature photography, and her latest venture, wedding floral design. She shares her life and home with her husband and their fur babies. 

  • Missy Knorr
    Veterinary Receptionist, Team Manager

    Missy joined NorthPaws in November of 2019, she is originally from PA, but has lived in Florida, Mississippi, and Italy because of her husband's military career. She has worked in the veterinary industry as a receptionist and assistant since 2002. Her husband recently retired from the Navy, so she will be making Maryland home base. When she is not at work, she is kept busy by 2 kids, 5 Pomeranians: Pebbles, Raina, Guppi, Kipling, and Lucci; and a lone Yorkie, Leah.

  • Ashley Donais
    Veterinary Receptionist, Veterinary Assistant

    Ashley joined NorthPaws in August 2020 and is a native of Hagerstown, MD, she has been working in veterinary medicine since 2011. Shortly after obtaining her license in practical nursing, she found that her true passion was for the veterinary industry. She has worked in various positions in primary care practice as well as emergency medicine. She and her husband reside in the mountains of Pennsylvania and enjoy spending time with their dogs, cats, ducks and horses.

  • Ariana Giasomo-Hudak
    Veterinary Receptionist

    Ariana joined NorthPaws in September 2020. She's always wanted to work with animals, especially cats and dogs. She earned her Bachelors degree in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences from The Pennsylvania State University in May of 2017. Prior to working at NorthPaws, she was a receptionist and assistant at a local animal hospital. Her favorite hobbies include crafting, sewing, and reading. I currently have an orange tabby, Scooter, two tuxedo cats, Jester and Caleb, and a male tortie cat, Beauregard.

  • Mikayla Lemley
    Veterinary Receptionist, Fear-Free Certified

    Mikayla joined NorthPaws in August 2021. She recently moved back to the area from Wyoming, where she was studying Wildlife and Fisheries. She has been working as a veterinary receptionist since 2017. If she is not working, you will find her fishing or hanging with her two boys; Giddeon is her fierce orange tabby and Goku is her german shepherd.

  • Kendle Creager
    Veterinary Assistant

    Kendle joined North Paws in August of 2021. Kendle started here in high school when she had an opportunity at Franklin Career and Technology Center in teh Veterinary Assisting Program to do a co-op internship and stuck around ever since. She also has earned her Approved Vet Assistant certificate and is working to become a Licensed Technician. She has 2 horses named Nova and Tequila which she barrel races at local rodeos. She also has an Australian Cattle Dog named Ace and lives on a dairy farm with over 1,000 cows. She also enjoys spending her time hunting, riding in tractors, kayaking, and spending time with friends and family.

  • Matty Pogue
    Veterinary Assistant

    Matty joined NorthPaws in April of 2022. He was born and raised in Pennsylvania and in 2005, when he got married, he moved to the area. Once a former retail employee of 17 years, he finally knew what his passion was - helping animals. He spent, collectively, 6 years at The Humane Society of Washington County while having some time spent in other private practices and ER. Matty is married with 3 pugs at home.

  • Amber Lee
    Veterinary Assistant, Fear Free Certified Professional

    Amber joined NorthPaws in June 2022. She was an army brat growing up and moved around the states a lot, as well as in foreign countries. Amber is a mother of two married to her high school sweetheart. They have lived in Hagerstown for about 6 years and plan to stay here permanently. During her time staying home to raise her kids, she completed the Veterinary Assistant Specialist Certificate Program at Auburn University.  She is also Avian, Canine, and Feline Fear Free certified. She owns 12 animals including a Portuguese podengo, a beagle, and a pitbull. As well as 3 cats, an Amazon parrot, a green-cheek conure, a cockatiel, a Parrolet, a tarantula and reptiles. She has previously owned rats, ferrets, rabbits, goats, and more reptiles. She’s got an interest in wildlife and anything avian. She loves to read books in her spare time or spend time with her family. She is obsessed with Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Marvel. She is so grateful to be working in veterinary medicine and is always looking forward to new challenges or things to learn from this field. She has loved animals all her life and has found a job that she doesn’t even consider “work”.

  • Jessica Wagner
    Veterinary Assistant

    Jessica joined team NorthPaws in September of 2022. She started her career with animals in 2014 at an animal hospital in Montgomery County until becoming a Washington County resident in 2018. Shortly after moving to the area, she had her second son and decided to spend time at home with her family. They have 5 dogs, 4 cats, a pot bellied pig, chickens, ducks, and a fish. She missed meeting new animals and decided to come back to veterinary medicine.

  • Lexi Brown
    Veterinary Assistant

    Lexi joined Team NorthPaws in February 2023. Lexi says 'I recently moved back to Pennsylvania in February from Tennessee. I've been working as an Assistant for 3 years now. I currently have 5 cats at home and one very crazy pitbull puppy named Prada. I've been interested in caring for animals since I was a little girl. I grew up volunteering at various shelters, which shaped my interest in working with animals. I have a military background, so I've lived in many places including Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. My family currently lives in Germany! I'm excited to be a part of the NPAH team and look forward to meeting all the tails, claws, and paws that come to visit!'

  • Eliza Thornberry
    Grumpy Greeter, Reception Supervisor

    Hi, I’m Eliza Thornberry, I joined Team NorthPaws in October 2018. As resident office cat, I take my manager duties very seriously. You may find me overseeing the printer or supervising our receptionists. I often enjoy watching videos to keep up to date on the latest in cat entertainment. When I’m off duty, I enjoy sunbathing, wrestling plastic bags, and the occasional cat nip.